What are you choosing for your life today?

After my divorce, I lost myself. I didn’t know where I belonged, any longer.

I stopped believing. There was a dark period and I hit some bottoms, which helped me burn it all down to the ground and build again!

I never gave up and continued moving forward.

I am here to tell you- YOU CAN RECREATE YOUR STORY!

You can change the course of your life!

What are you choosing for your life today?

I am strong. I am free. I am brave. 

I am Lora Anne Strong.

I am a women's empowerment coach. I help women let go of those limiting stories and fears, that are keeping  them stuck and holding them back from living their most authentic lives! Whatever it is, I am here to hold space for you and walk alongside as you create this new story for yourself.

You can shift the course of your life and I am here to help.



You can become the author of YOUR story.

You can change direction. You can say no to what doesn't feel right. You can become the Goddess and rise!

Are  you allowing your self-limiting beliefs to hold you back from living the life you desire?

Are you living in fear and holding onto old stories? Do you desire to break free and take back your power, but don't know how?

I was there.  

Wanting to break free, but not knowing where to begin. 

I was that person.

Self worth was low, fear held me back, and I was afraid to shine! What if people didn't like me? Who am I to share my story? Who will come to my workshops?  Other's are already doing the thing!

All of it kept me from truly stepping into my greatness!

My truth.

I recently had some major shifts in my life, that led to some healing, transformation and the realization, that I can co-create my reality by choosing a different story, and living in alignment with my highest self! I had to get real honest with myself and let go of those things that were holding me back. I had to let go the the toxic people, thinking and actions. 

It was time to REWRITE my badass story!

I now help others to take back their power, to show up, stand in their light, to "own their seat",walk through their fears and believe they are worthy of having the best life possible!!  

No more sitting on the sidelines and playing small!

Here's to living YOUR BEST Life! 



Are you ready to let go of old stories, self-limiting beliefs, and the habits that are keeping you stuck?  

Do you desire a happier, healthier and more abundant life?  

Are you ready to do the work?

Where do you start?  

From right where you are at this very moment!

This is the first day of the rest of your life, a new life where you get to choose and birth your new story!

A story where you live in alignment with your core desires, transcend your limiting beliefs and creating a life you love!



Grab your coffee and come hang-out for some inspiration!


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