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These past few years have been a journey.  

A journey of sitting alone with myself and trying to figure it all out. Not wanting to do it alone , but that is what the universe had in store for me.  

Letting go was one of the best gifts  I have given myself during this time.  I've done the work before, the books, the therapy, inspirational blogs, oils, massage, videos, yoga, you name it, I've tried it!

Lets back up up a bit.  I was a child that had a lot of trauma and I continued that cycle through some of my adult years.  I got on track and lost my way a few times as we all can when life gets rough.

I always had this feeling deep down that there was more, that there was peace and joy and balance and I knew I could have it all and inspire others with my story. If only I could get there.

 I moved here a few years ago and decided to do something I've been thinking about for years!!! A FITNESS COMPETITION!  That was the catalyst that helped propel me forward. That was in November of 2015.

I got sober the next month,  Again.

I didn't hit any type of bottom, that was noticeable from the outside, but if  I want to be completely truthful, alcohol took pieces of me, ( the most beautiful pieces) and destroyed them. Over and over.

Next I got certified as a Spiritual life & wellness coach.  At this point I knew I needed something more.....I found Gabby's Spirit Junkie Master class.

I think it actually found me.

I dove in, head first. 100%!  I fell in love with all of it- every single video and word. It was exactly what my  soul needed.

The competition, getting sober, blogged, Coach certification, SJMC, Created my first workshop, more investing in myself, created my website, and then created an online course.

I heard from another amazing coach, that if we don't invest in ourselves, why should anyone else? 

I am still growing, learning and expanding.  I am learning to let go of those self-limiting beliefs when they grab a hold of me.

I am learning I belong.  

I know I belong!

Im standing on solid ground now and even though there are still some pieces that need to be figured out, I am exactly where need to be!  

I found another amazing coach and became a sponge.  I sat up for hours and learned how to create my website, and dove into the work.

 I am SO FREAKING proud of showing up and taking inspired actions.  I did something, no matter how small...EVERY SINGLE DAY!   Never thought that this could be possible.

Now I know, its just the beginning!

I heard the call, and answered.   AND I know one thing for certain...

 Everything I have wanted to achieve, create and feel, is on this side of road.  And being sober gives me all of that and so much more.

Today I am creating something from my soul and I am present.

That is true FREEDOM.

Sending so much love and light to you. And if there is something keeping you small and have permission to let go.  

Let go and be free beautiful one.  ♥