Hello Beautiful One!

 I am so blessed you have opened the door and said yes, to yourself and taking this time to peel back some layers and loving yourself. 

Ever since I hosted my first live workshop, I have wanted a way to reach more women and share my journey in hopes of inspiring others to live their truth, heal and live an empowered life~whatever that looks like for them.

I am here for you, to support and love you on this journey.  If you have any questions throughout this course, you can email me at loraobrien@gmail.com 

Thank you for allowing me to open the door. 


The password for the video is "exhale."

What will you do to feel the way you want to feel?  Be clear on your core desired feelings, and then all of your goals are a means to create those feelings.


1. My Core Desired Feelings:  How do you want to feel most of the time? 


2. My Goals and Intentions for this year... (or wherever you want to start)

(What are you going to actualize this year?- and remember, both goals themselves and the journey to achieve them are a reflection of your core desired feelings.)  


3. To fulfill my intentions & goals, I will:  ( What actions will you take this year to bring your desired feelings and intentions to full life?)  

4. What can I do today to generate those core desired feelings?  

This is on-going work and sometimes we must work a little harder to shift and choose out CDF when life takes us out.  

Of course this will happen, but we get to choose how we want to feel most of the time.  We are the creators of our reality, remember that!

Yes, we will feel sad, angry, confused and lost sometimes, that's life!  But with a strong commitment to YOUR desired feelings, (your intentions)  this state will return much quicker.

Commit to this work and you will see huge shifts in your life.  


I am worthy of my core desired feelings!

I can create the life I want and feel the way I want to feel- most of the time.  

I am empowered.  

I am strong.  

I am committed to myself and my journey of healing, love & empowerment!