Hello Beautiful One!

 I am so blessed you have opened the door and said yes, to yourself and taking this time to peel back some layers and loving yourself. 

Ever since I hosted my first live workshop, I have wanted a way to reach more women and share my journey in hopes of inspiring others to live their truth, heal and live an empowered life~whatever that looks like for them.

I am here for you, to support and love you on this journey.  If you have any questions throughout this course, you can email me at loraobrien@gmail.com or utilize the private Facebook group.  

Thank you for being a part of my journey also.

The password for the video is "exhale."



So what are you holding onto that no longer serves you?

Is it a job?

A relationship?

Or maybe, a way of thinking or behaving?

Maybe it’s actual physical stuff that is cluttering up your home and life.

Take a good look at yourself and your environment to see what you’ve been holding onto that no longer serves you.


1. Are there things in your life that no longer serve you?  (This could be certain relationships, habits, thinking, etc.)  When making this list pay attention to the feelings that come up with these "things" you feel may no longer serve you and comment next to this list, THE FEELING  that is attached to it. The more aware you become, the easier it is to commit to the work.  


2.  Are you willing to make a commitment to start the letting go process in order to honor yourself and your core desires/intentions for your life?

As you move along with this process you may find that you are not ready to let go of certain things just yet. That’s perfectly ok! This is a process. You wouldn’t throw away a whole suitcase on a trip just because it’s weighing you down. You would leave out items so it was lighter and easier to carry. It’s like that with your life’s journey. Small steps can lead to big progress. 


You may feel some sadness and even grief when you let go of what no longer serves you. We form attachments to those experiences and things. They become part of us, so when you let them go, you are letting a part of yourself go as well. It’s ok to grieve for a time, but remember you are growing while you do this.

Some things may be toxic and some things you may just have out grown.  

Like I have stated, this process takes time, be gentle with this transformation.


Commit to this work and you will see huge shifts in your life.  


“I willingly surrender my attachment to what other people might think about me.”

“I give up the negative emotions that have created a comfort zone for me—they no longer serve me.”

“I release the need to judge others’ thoughts and beliefs.