“choosing you.”

Next session begins october 5th!

Are you read to truly live in alignment, with your purpose and desires?

Are you ready to detox your mind, body and spirit, so you can live more consciously? Are you ready to truly let go, and make room for the miracles to happen?

  You see, to live in alignment with our intentions, we must choose what we allow in our circle, raise our standards and make conscious choices, that will serve our highest self!

Are you Ready?


Are you ready to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE?

The last few years, were some of the hardest and the best years of my life, all wrapped up in, this transformational journey.

 I know those experience’s lead me here and helped open my eyes, to a whole new world of stepping into my truth, where I am making conscious choices, that are in alignment with my soul.

My life has had some huge shifts since then! 

We will look at what you are feeding your, mind, body and spirit. 

You will design a life, that will serve your highest self , so that, you can attract what you are calling in!! 


I invite you to take this journey, back to self.

What's included:

8 Modules!

**( Just added a new module!)**

Module 1: Welcome/Getting started

Module 2: Coming back to "SELF" 

Module 3: Mind Detox

Module 4: Body Detox

Module 5: Spiritual Detox

Module 6: Moving forward and "Stepping into your new story!" 

Module 7: Clearing Space in your home and life , to make room for this new ENERGY!

Module 8: Creating Boundaries, vs. Creating Walls, Sealing Energy Leaks and why this is important, in living a balanced life..


With every module, you will get some beautiful affirmations, that are related to the specific topic, your journal prompts and guided meditations. 

Plus 6 - 1:1 coaching calls with me!


We will step into this new story, create new pathways and become the conscious creator of our reality! 

What is it you would like to call into your life?

We will learn how to make choices to stay in alignment,releasing things that no longer serve us, to attract that which we are calling in and to believe it is already happening.

Are you ready to step into this powerful NEW story? 


If you're wanting more, and need that extra guidance and support, this is it!!

I would be honored to guide you, on your spiritual path, of coming back home, loving yourself and living YOUR BEST LIFE POSSIBLE !!! 

We get to choose.

I invite you to take this beautiful journey with me, where we come back home to unlearn and remember. To own our worth, and create a life of abundance!  

We will be detoxing, and nourishing our mind, body and spirit, so we can live in alignment with our desires!

This is your time~

Your time to step into the magnificence that you are and become the conscious creator of YOUR LIFE!


Lora Anne STRONG


Lora Anne has always been passionate about helping and inspiring women most of her life.  She had her own massage therapy practice, took a yoga certification program, dove into personal training and recently has launched her business as a Women's Empowerment Coach!

She believes we need to look at the whole person as we walk this amazing journey.  Whether its a life change, sobriety,  trauma, getting fit, or in the second half of your life, we need to address the mind, body and spirit for our healing, empowerment and growth.

She holds space for her clients, wherever they may be in their walk. Peeling back those layers and looking at whats underneath the behavior. 

She will guide you along, as you look at your self-limiting beliefs, learn to let go of what no longer serves you, commit to your core-desires and live from this inspired place~ finding your self-worth and gaining the strength to step into your power. so you can create the best story ever!!!!

                                                                                                                                                                     As a Life and spiritual coach, her mission is to support you every step of the way. ♥

A little love from some of my clients. xo

"When I first started this course,my hopes and dreams had been dashed to the ground by a steady decline in my health during a continued battle with cancer. This course helped me to refocus and have a healthier attitude toward each precious day and gave me tools to use to help navigate those harder days. I loved how each module built upon the previous one. Lora Anne presented in a way that was easy to comprehend and delve into. I especially benefited from the group calls, where we were able to share and encourage one another. Lora Anne's passion for her work and guidance really shone through during these calls. I was blessed by this course at this time in my life!"        ~Karen Lee C. 

"I took Lora's course at a time when I was searching for "what makes me happy". Lora's weekly calls helped me make the time to make myself a priority. The soul work helped me see where I was holding on to my old story. Since taking Lora's course, I am working on my new story, one that makes my soul happy. I am thankful for Lora, her ongoing support, and friendship."    ~Jennifer S.                         


"Working with Lora Anne is a very personal and deep dive of owning and developing your core desire feelings to anchor and support where ever you may be in life! Her own life experiences, her spiritual education, and spiritual and life practices come through in each session. She supported me to realign with my truths, and position Me to stand more confidently in my life. This is deep authentic work that only you can do for Yourself. I always go back to Lora Anne for my Alignment."    ~Mary Jane T.                                                                                                                                                                       

"I've had the pleasure of working with Lora Anne while I attended her very first in person workshop.

Taking my first step to sign up for her workshop wasn't exactly easy but I knew that I needed change and I had to start somewhere. She was welcoming as well as kind and I felt an overwhelming sense of compassion in her presence. The environment was relaxing as well as her vibe. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at her workshop and uncovered a lot of emotion that was built up inside.  Feelings and topics came up from my own personal journey that I was unaware would even surface. This is how I know that Lora is doing something special. It's easy to see that she has an undying hunger and a passion for helping others using the knowledge she has gained throughout her journey as well as the many qualifications she has acquired to make her teachings as powerful and as healing as possible for her clients. I encourage you all to take your first step or maybe just another step in your journey with Lora as she helped me find myself again. Taking that very first step was the most important step I could've ever taken for myself and my life. You deserve to love yourself, you deserve to live the life that you wish to live and Lora is someone who I deeply believe can help you do just that." ~ Maria Danielle

"Nourish You" is an amazing course. The six modules allowed me to dive deep in to my mind, body and spirit, one week at a time.
Lora Anne's audio recordings guided me through every step and I got tools to deal with my past , present and my future.
With Lora Anne's amazing guidance, support and coaching I found my  way to process every obstacle and get rid of things and people that no longer served me.
Lora Anne taught me what kind of tools to use when  I needed to cope with situations that occurred along my journey.  Tools that I'm  always going to have with me through my life.
The coaching calls where I got to meet Lora Anne face to face and discuss the modules were really precious. To be able to work with the most amazing coach and her material that she has created was life-changing for me. Her wisdom has helped me through a lot of obstacles that I have met on my spiritual journey.
You will absolutely not regret it if you decide to take the leap and take this awesome course.
I am so grateful that I've met Lora Anne. ~ Jeanette R.

I started with Lora Anne after meeting her in a Facebook group. I joined one of her online classes and I couldn’t be more happy with all the information she has in them. Talking to her one on one only helped to reinforce the weeks module as well as allowed me to dig deeper and continue to peel away years of layers! Her spirit comes through in all that she does. I am new to meditation and I am so happy for the ones she has given us through this program. I find the whole course is exactly as the name states Nourishing to the soul!! ~ Suzanne S.

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