Welcome to "Nourish You."


First, I would like to honor you for taking this time to invest in yourself.  This is going to be a beautiful 6 weeks of exploring, letting go and stepping into your truth!  In order to live in alignment with our intentions, we must create that energy that is a vibrational match. We will become conscious creators of our reality! So excited to be on this journey with you! If you need me during this time, please use the FACEBOOK group or feel free to message me. I am honored to be your guide through this amazing walk! 

Let's get started!


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Here are your journal prompts for this week:


Remember to set this time aside to do your journaling- perhaps find a quiet place, where you can go to focus and honor this special time.

Journal on the questions below and then do the exercise.

1. Are there things in your life, currently, that make you "feel", stuck, closed and keep you from living your best life possible?

2. Are you open to letting go, (healing old wounds, behaviors, etc.), so you can allow room for what will serve you and your highest self?


“You may have to create new positive affirmations that are specifically designed to counteract what you’ve been telling yourself.” 

Write your positive affirmations, note your resistance, then break down that resistance with more positive affirmations. That’s all you need to do. When you finally get to the core of your resistance—to the thing about you that you haven’t dared to admit even to yourself—when you finally find yourself writing it out on your “Thank you!” page, you’ll feel something releasing in you.

Thanking it for showing you, for teaching you whatever lessons it may have. even with the pain.

Then find the positive affirmation that deals with it directly and releases it for all time.

You’ll find yourself feeling wonderful. You are coming into your own power. You are no longer limiting yourself. You’re free to be who you want to be, and to create the life you want.

It is your birthright.



  • I am worry free.

  • I release all fears of not being perfect. I am good enough. I am perfect in my own way.

  • I let go of all expectations. I am free to live the life I've dreamed.

  • I let go of the need to control others. I allow others to make their own way.

  • I see a clutter-free space before me.

  • I say goodbye to things in my life that are blocking my spiritual growth. I leave go of past relationships with love and clear my spirit of chains to the past to make way for new love to enter my life.

  • I hold on to the positive memories from past relationships and leave go of the dark memories with love.

  • I live my life without restraints.

  • I choose freedom and release all things that block an open pathway.

  • I live a boundless, forward moving energetic life that is free of baggage holding me back.

  • I release! I let go! I coast along with my hands off the controls.

  • I breathe freely without constraints. My energy flows without care alongside the wayward winds.

  • The past is gone, the future uncertain. Today is now and I face it head on.

  • I let go of my regrets. I am grateful for lessons my past missteps taught me.

  • I release my chaotic monkey mind. My mind is clear of distractions. I am focused.

  • I am free of burdens.

  • I embrace a less-is-more mentality.

  • I am okay with downsizing my lifestyle, purging more and more each day.


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