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First, I would like to honor you for taking this time to invest in yourself.  This is going to be a beautiful 6 weeks of exploring, letting go and stepping into your truth!  In order to live in alignment with our intentions, we must create that energy that is a vibrational match. We will become conscious creators of our reality! So excited to be on this journey with you! If you need me during this time, please use the FACEBOOK group or feel free to message me. I am honored to be your guide through this amazing walk! 

Let's get started!


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Here are your journal prompts for this week:


Remember to set this time aside to do your journaling- perhaps find a quiet place, where you can go to focus and honor this special time.

  1. What things would you like to release from your "thinking", that no longer serves you? 

    (Negative thinking about self, others, the world, unworthiness, limiting beliefs, etc.)

2. Make a list of the positive things you are "feeding" your mind, that serve your highest self today?  

(This can be a list of your desired “new” intentions/affirmations or actions, that you are committing to, moving forward.)


  1. Embrace a gratitude ritual at the start of your day.

    Whenever you wake up , think (and if you can, state aloud) what you’re grateful for. I’m sure many of you have heard of gratitude rituals, but here’s a new twist. To actually have the gratitude impact the rest of your day, you also need to add on how it makes you feel.

    So your morning gratitude ritual would go something like this: “I’m grateful for (fill in your blank) because it makes me feel (a positive feeling).” The more you can attach a feeling to the gratitude, the better. You raise your vibration and protect yourself from negative energies and ground yourself first thing in the morning.

    2. Create a personal mantra.

    A mantra is an affirmation or an intention that you can repeat silently to yourself whenever the going gets tough. One of my favorites is “I am open to receive whatever I need in this moment.” This allows me to let go of attachment to what I ‘think’ needs to happen and allow whatever is best to occur.

    Any time a ‘Debbie Downer’ comes your way, you can pause- inhale and exhale- and repeat your mantra to yourself. An uplifting intention statement can create positive energy in any bad situation.

Some exercises to help you with being more mindful and centering yourself.


(Wherever you begin is okay.)

Meditation has numerous benefits and enables you to rain your mind and clear your thoughts. It’s all about quieting that beautiful mind of ours, so we can hear those truths.

Look into yourself and into your mind.

This is where mindfulness can help. Try to find out what it is that makes you feel conscious and alive. Developing a ‘happiness habit’ can also help, by always looking at the bright side of life and endeavoring to be happy. Happiness comes from within and you shouldn’t let outside influences decide your happiness for you.

Think positive.

There are various steps you can take to eliminate negative thinking and mindfulness can be a useful tool to do this. It allows you to be in control of what enters your mind and determine where negative thoughts come from. Gratitude is also a useful tool and has been shown to have positive physical and psychosocial benefits.

Learn to make your mind quiet.

Meditation and concentration exercises can help you strengthen your mind and gives you control over your thoughts which is intrinsically linked to the above point. Also, exercise your will power and decision making ability as often as possible.




I matter to myself and to others.

I am a significant person with incredible potential and abilities.

I am aware of my flaws and choose to appreciate myself even with them.

I love myself.


I can because I think I can.

I am programmed for success.

I believe I am a winner! I can do anything.

My belief system is limitless. I can—I can—I can!


I am powerful.

I’m not afraid to risk or to take chances.

I am a person of great courage.

I would rather try and possibly fail than succeed in doing nothing.


I believe in what’s possible.

I see possibilities everywhere.

I focus on what’s right, bright and beautiful.

I see the best in every situation and in every person.

(This one will Change Your Mindset.)


Today marks a new beginning for me.

I start afresh today!

I do away with the garments of my past with all their doubts, struggles and concerns.

People will see a new me.


My enthusiasm is overflowing. I’m an “up” person.

My attitude is contagious and others look to me to raise morale.

I am dynamic.


I am a positive self-talker.

I appreciate myself.

I say things to myself that build me up.

I have many strengths, abilities and qualities.

This is what I chose to focus on.


I am happy!

I enjoy the good life.

Regardless of the storms and problems of life, I am happy.

Joy is within me even in the midst of the cold, hard winters of life.

There is within me an invincible summer.


I persist.

I keep on keeping on.

I persist until I succeed.

I am programmed for success.

No matter what, I will never stop trying.

I win.


My mind is positive today.

I will fill it with something positive.

I love to read and listen to up-lifting ideas.

I take the time to put great successful thinking concepts into my mind.

I deserve this information. Yes!!!


Nobody’s perfect – myself included.

Everyone has flaws and problems.

I accept myself, my body, my imperfections and all.

I fix those things I can and embrace those things that are outside of my control.

I love and accept myself.

If you are struggling with anything in your life at all, your mindset is the problem and the answer.


"The how doesn’t matter. Focus on the outcome and the how will present itself, change your mindset!"


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