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April 3-5, 2020

Spirit Fire Retreat Center, Leyden, MA


This has been a dream of mine…..

I have always loved, bringing women together, to share, heal, forgive and to help them, reignite that fire, within!!

So, I set my intention on FACEBOOK-

I Posted, “My next RETREAT, was going to be a, SOBER RETREAT!”

I received so many responses from women, wanting to ATTEND!

This confirmed, I was on the right path!

It is truly an honor, to bring these women together, from all over the world - to celebrate recovery, sisterhood and life!

Get ready to make memories and friends, that will last a lifetime!

We are planning an AMAZING weekend for you!


To create, a sacred, non-judgmental, community, where we can gather, feel safe, create beautiful friendships, hold space for one another, as we, come together and celebrate our lives!

I am honored to have you along on this journey!

This is just the beginning!


Is this for me ?

If you are sober, getting sober or sober curious,


If you are in “Recovery”, from ANYTHING-


There is no judgment here.

Come as you are.

Project Sober Retreat’s, will be centered around, love, acceptance, healing and celebrating our lives in recovery and setting our intentions for what is to come!

*This won’t be a counseling session, regarding your Recovery, or, whether or not, you have a problem.”

That is for you to decide.




Friday Evening: Welcome dinner at 6:30 pm (tentative)

(You are welcome to arrive anytime after 3 pm on Friday to get settled in and enjoy some tea/coffee.)

We will gather afterwards for tea, a brief introduction, conversation, connecting, intention setting and a yoga and a beautiful grounding meditation.

Friday night welcoming practice:

Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth and you are encouraged to bring that process into the renaissance of your self-image, your opinion of you.  Your self-image influences and controls everything you do, what you give and what you receive.

A lunar-inspired asana, pranayama, and guided meditation practice will set the stage for an illumined reexamination of the truth, of who you are and how to best bring this truth forward, in service of your aspirations.

Saturday: 7 a.m- Breakfast

10 a.m.- The start of our program.

Valerie teaches::

Ahimsa practice:

A positive self-image yields positive results in all aspects of our lives, and underpinning it all are the thoughts we think.  

How do you think of yourself?  What does your self-talk consist of? How can you be kinder, gentler, more forgiving of yourself and shine your light into the world?  

A blend of philosophy, mindful movement, focused breathing and thinking will allow your inner voice to find expression and seek refinement to more truthfully reflect who you want to be.

12 p..m.- Lunch

1:30 p.m.- Lora teaches: Stepping into our future selves!

4 p.m.- Break time before dinner/journal, walk, etc.

Dinner: 6:30 p.m.

8 p.m.- Releasing Ceremony

9:30 p.m. Tea/Talk/ closing meditation

Sunday: 7 a.m. Breakfast

9:30 a.m.- Gather in meditation room for Intention setting/journaling/sharing our celebrations, what is to come!

11 a.m.- Labyrinth Walk

12:30 p.m.- Lunch


Lots of hugs! XO

We can not wait to love, laugh and CELEBRATE, with all of you!

(P.S. Did I mention, the food is, AMAZING!!)

*This is a TENTATIVE schedule, as time nears, I will update any changes.

(P.S.S. This is the actual table we will be gathering at, for our welcome dinner!)


founder Of, “Project Sober”

Lora Anne Strong

Lora Anne Strong's has always been inspiring women, in some way, even before launching her coaching business.

She launched her massage therapy practice and begun helping her clients heal through aromatherapy and touch.

Through some dark times in her life, this brought on yet another transformation and time for growth, which led her to getting sober, again, and getting certified as a spiritual life coach.

She then went on to study with New York times best seller, Gabby Bernstein and took SJMC.

As as womens's empowerment coach, she works on healing the mind, body and spirit, through releasing those things that will no longer serve our higest selves, so we can truly take back our power, and live our best life possible!

She continued her inner work with other coaches and went on to host numerous workshops, started working with 1:1 clients, created digital courses and now, along with Brandyce, hosting their first retreat, A TIME TO RISE!!!

After hosting her first retreat, she knew, there needed to be another, but this time, it would be a retreat for women in RECOVERY!


Lora’s mission ,is to create a safe, sacred place. A SISTERHOOD! Where women can come to heal, and celebrate their lives today!

She invites you to join her for this, CELEBRATION OF LIFE- AT, PROJECT SOBER’S, “TOGETHER WE RISE”, RETREAT!

Follow her journey, get updates on her recent workshops, courses and lots of love...



The Spiritual Cafe with Lora Anne Strong

Project Sober


Valerie Connell

Valerie Connell began her yoga journey 23 years ago with the classic Yoga Mind and Body video with Erich Schiffmann.

She has completed teacher training’s with Rod Stryker (Para Yoga) and Joe Barnett (Yin yoga) and completed several workshops and conferences which provided the opportunity to study in person with Erich! She strives for authenticity in her practice and teachings, making it a point to combine philosophy with asana, pranayama, and meditation.

She is also on a recovery path from toxic codependency and uses her experience and healing modalities to serve other women who are beginning their own journey out of (self) abusive dysfunction.

So excited to have Valerie, join us and teach, at our first, Project Sober retreat!!!


“A Time To Rise Retreat!”


Much thought and love was put into the weekend retreat, A Time To Rise.

A life changing weekend! 
The hosts, Lora and Brandyce, made you feel entirely welcome and loved, their messages inspiring and gently challenging.

The sisterhood was strong, embracing acceptance, vulnerability, and compassion through sincere discussion.
The retreat center had a peaceful, welcoming presence with delightful accommodation, and the food was out of this world - A-MAZING!

This weekend was the perfect opportunity for me to have space for self-reflection, visualizing who I wanted to become and the steps I needed to take to get there. It was central at a time when I was pivoting in my life, and helped me in the process of finding new internal direction.

Thank you, Lora and Brandyce! ~ Sharon C.

This past weekend I drove up to New England to attend a women’s retreat in Massachusetts. I have

never been to this region and going in the fall, was an extra special treat. The season is on a slightly

faster time zone up there and the landscape and local architecture are just breathtaking. Driving the 6

hours each way by myself, gave me a tiny and refreshing dose of adventure, and I was able to find all

kinds of antiques and treasures for my business along the way.

I have also never been to a retreat and had no idea what to expect. Like many of us, I have had my fair

share of traumas in life, but have hit an emotional plateau lately and was ready to take the next step

towards healing. I was really hoping that this retreat would give me some perspective on what that

might be. I have to say that in retrospect, there is no way I could have fathomed what was in store for

me, at this tiny retreat center in the middle of nowhere.

In the short time span of a weekend, I expanded my circle of friends, learned to let go of what doesn’t

serve me, gained wonderful new tools for the future and tapped way deeper into my God-given power!

The beautiful landscape, amazing food and crazy good energy of my surroundings, set the stage for a lot

of learning and personal growth.

I learned to listen to what flows through my mind, even if it is not always pleasant. “Whatever you resist,

persists” is my new mantra!

I released deep-rooted pains in a fire like a pyro, ate smores, practiced meditation (I focus like a dog

surrounded by squirrels, so not everything was fixed in a weekend) and went on to set my intentions, as I

navigated a labyrinth and refilled my internal containers with love and positivity.

I learned to let it be; to forgive and to give myself permission to live an amazing life, despite the mess that sometimes surrounds me.

I now have 5 new and lifelong sisters and a ton of gratitude, for this very special experience. I have

learned that, taking care of myself and putting myself first, are not bad or selfish things. If you have never

been to a retreat, I suggest checking one out. I must shamelessly plug Lora Anne Strong and Brandyce

Stephenson for this “A Time to Rise” retreat. I know they plan to do this one again, so check Lora’s FACEBOOK

page, “The Spiritual Café with Lora Anne Strong” or “Project Sober”, for information about the next one if you are


I will definitely be going back for more! ~ Erin C.

I felt a connection to Lora Anne even before we met in person. I didn’t know her, I didn’t know I needed her but yet something told me to reach out and connect through the inter webs. I took a leap of faith and nervous excitement as I signed up for a retreat that Lora Anne was hosting. A five hour drive to the most beautiful scenery in Massachusetts had to offer and there I met this beautiful woman, Lora in person. 
She guided and held loving space throughout our time at the retreat. We cried, laughed, hugged, and shared. I couldn’t have been more comforted and felt safe to feel and say everything on my heart. 
Lora Anne is a “good looking soul” as me and my ten year son like to describe people who are just purely loving. 
I am grateful for this connection we’ve weaved and I will forever love and admire her. 

Love you toots!  ~ Jaime W.N.

When I said 'yes,' to attend Lora's retreat.

I went with an open mind, as this was my first spiritual retreat. 

And while I only knew Lora at the retreat, I didn’t care, I'm a pretty open minded person. Well let me say, not only was it healthy, but also restful, mind clearing, spiritual and healing. We all had something in common, that we care about ourselves and we all need a little down time sometimes; and connecting to our inner soul, was so grounding! 
I highly recommend this type of retreat for everyone, no matter the age, or your life situation. 

Thanks Lora! ~ Cheryl


Yes, I'm ready to Celebrate!

Payment Options:


You can email us at:

(I have no doubt, that this will sell out, pretty fast….so, if you know, you wanna go, get in soon! XO)

Pricing as of october 1, 2019

*Space will be limited.

*Full payment must be made before retreat. 


* Sisterhood, Laughter, and Love are  free!

The Location

Spirit Fire Retreat Center

407 W. Leyden Road,  Leyden  MA 01337 |413-624-3955




"You can feel the sacredness of the 95 acres of forest, meadow, and ridge-surrounded valley.  Our trail system winds through the woods, over three small streams, beside a secluded meadow and back to our center, lawns and gardens. Spirit Fire is a perfect match for groups who relate to the land and its  spirits; to nature and her beauty.

The night skies, reveal magnificent stars and constellations; the fire circle creates powerful bonds; and magical moments in the great outdoors. providing lasting memories, for all who visit." 



peace & serenity

"Spirit Fire Retreat Center is a remarkable place. Upon entering, the mindful attention to aesthetics, care and hospitality is quite tangible. The quality of the physical center, and the landscape around it, is nurturing, appealing, and harmonious in its appearance. The food and caring service provided by its staff is among the best we have experienced in over 35 years of attending or providing training's, in many centers in the region, and around the world. The beauty of the actual teaching space adds to the dynamic of the teaching process. I highly recommend this precious place if you are considering an individual or group retreat. " 


"I don't know where to start.   My group just came to Spirit Fire to learn energy work techniques and do some inner work.   First we'll start with the's as if you are entering into a magical fairy land...beautiful fruits and veggies growing, herbs, flowers and the forest, meadows and marshes...all while animals frolic in this amazing oasis.  Then come to the clean, simple yet everything is thought of and functional yet comfortable.  The meeting room where groups meet has everything you need along with a gorgeous view of some beautiful trees and the new art studio/barn in the distance.   As you sit with your group you see hummingbirds fly up to the window as if to "witness" the beautiful work of the beautiful souls that come there.    Then....the food!    We requested a gluten free, vegan menu.  The boys did not disappoint on one single thing.  Every single meal the attendees were raving and hounding them for recipes.   I have never been so happy to sit down to a meal and pretty much like everything.  They even got us all eating beautiful greens for breakfast!   (along with other things)  And we LOVED IT!  (even the meat eaters in the group)     We were all in tears to leave and all wanted to stay more...or just plain old move in with them.    As the coordinator they accommodated everything easily and made everything so smoothly.   Thank you Steve and Tim for treating my group with such love and care." 

~The autism mommies thank you!

Local, organic, and as nature intended...

Spirit Fire is committed to a healthy world and a healthy you. We serve as much seasonal, organic produce as possible. If we don't grow it in our own gardens, we gather it from local farms and cooperatives. We accommodate most any food allergy or dietary preference with a smile. We frequently design meals that need to reach a variety of diets including vegetarian, vegan, and omnivore. The fun we have is finding the meal that satisfies all of the individual preferences, allows each of the guests to feel appreciated, and teaches everyone about the diversity of the food options available to us all.

Healthy food means a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy spirit.  Our meals are prepared with a big heart and served with a big smile. 

Freshly prepared meals with local and organic ingredients, 95 acres of wooded and pastoral beauty, and a facility built with green in mind:  in Leyden, Massachusetts. 

What to bring:

You should bring:

  • seasonal outerwear & footwear to enjoy the 95 acres of trails or a fire circle. We have extra snow shoes!

  • comfortable indoor clothes for meditation, yoga, or lounging.

    (This will be a very casual weekend.)

  • slippers or indoor footwear. We are a no-shoes environment.

  • yoga mat. But we do have a few if you forget yours.

You do not need to bring:

  • linens, towels, pillows, or blankets.

    (unless you have a favorite you want to bring along.)

  • a long distance phone card - free nationwide and Canada phone service is available to our guests. Cell reception is spotty here in the highlands.

  • bottled water. Our well water is superb and tested annually.

  • a meditation cushion or backjack. We are well stocked.

The Bookstore
Spirit Fire has a wonderful little bookstore with not only books, but items from local artists or imported from around the world.  Forgot your toothbrush? earplugs? Not to worry, we have travel items in the bookstore as well.  

How to find us:

For those driving, directions from points south, north, and east are provided for download below.

We recommend you print these out and use them over internet generated or GPS generated directions. MapQuest and Google Maps tend to deliver you to us in a very round-about way. But don't worry, you'll find us!

407 W. Leyden Road,  Leyden  MA 01337 |413-624-3955


Refunds and Cancellation Policy

It is an extraordinary commitment to create and facilitate these, one of a kind RETREAT experiences, for our guests and, therefore ALL payments are non-refundable, after 9/30/2019, including registration fees, late fees, full payments and installment payments.

* 50% Refund can be refunded up until, 9/30/2019.

After that, you can apply your “credit”, towards another retreat, hosted by Project Sober LLC.

*The ONLY exception to this policy is, if The Retreat must be cancelled in its entirety, for any reason, in which case,

Project Sober Retreat, LLC, will notify all parties via email and provide, full refund instructions.

Our vendor(s) -- venues, guest speakers/teachers, -- require upfront commitments that we must adhere to.

When we offer a package to you we have to ensure, through good-faith payments, that you will attend the events.

This is the only way our vendors will take us seriously, and will want to help us provide the best experiences possible to our Retreat guests.

Have additional questions?  Feel free to email us.