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…as in “I am enough.”

I realized I was always looking for something outside of myself (like a new diet or a different workout) to help me reach my goal. Somewhere along the line, I had bought into the story that “I’ll be happy when I lose five (or fifteen) pounds.”

But the message my soul heard was “I am not okay as I am.”

We all have some version of “I’m not enough” inside.

Some of us picked it up from society and the airbrushed image of the impossible ideal. Some of us learned it in a more acute way, in the form of a hurtful comment from a family member or friend.

When we constantly tell ourselves, “I’ll be happy when I lose fifteen pounds,” we put ourselves on the treadmill of striving to reach “enough.” The problem is that we never “arrive.

Feeling “not enough” feels bad.

So we turn to food to help us feel better. However, the food we turn to ends up making us feel worse about ourselves than the negative feelings we were running from. It’s a downward spiral.

Here is a secret: There is no number on the scale that will make you enough.

Because enough is already inside of you. Like Dorothy and her ruby slippers, you have the power to access “enough” right now.

You are a creation of the Universe. There is nothing you can do to make you wrong or right in the eyes of the Universe, because you are already complete.

(PS: I have learned that feeling enough takes daily—sometimes moment by moment—personal reminders. It is a process. And it gets easier with practice. I promise.)

Journal Prompts for the week

  1. How do you feel about your body today?

    2. Find some time this week, to do the 10 minute meditation below, and after tell me how your body feels, physically, emotionally and spiritually- during the meditation and after.

    3. This week, I want you to notice, all the, “self-talk” going on. and journal on this.

    4. Do you feel, you are, “enough”, today?

    We will discuss on our call.

Soul Work for this week:


No one’s body is perfect. Not mine, not yours.

On the other hand, every positive experience you have ever had on this Earth was brought to you, one way or another, by your body.

Here is a body appreciation exercise that I love:

Think of your five senses. A good way to remember them is there are three S’s and two T’s: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

Think of one good thing that you experienced today for each of your five senses.

  • Sight: My son’s smile

  • Sound: the wind through the trees

  • Smell: coffee

  • Taste: Oh, how I love sushi!

  • Touch: the softness of my pillow

There are lots of ways to be grateful for your body, even if it is not perfect.

In has been documented that, people who practice gratitude every day sleep better and even exercise more!

What words help you to nurture and heal your emotional body?

Some Main Points About Self Talk

  • Our inner talk is almost constant and so habituated that most of the time we don't even notice it.

  • Even though we may not be consciously focusing on our self talk, our subconscious mind is listening to everything we say to ourselves, including the constant mind chatter.

  • We often don't try to create this inner talk, it just happens on auto-pilot.

  • Our body reacts to this inner dialogue by producing feelings and emotions, that we don't even realize, are being created by our mind chatter.

  • The majority of most people's mind chatter is negative rather than positive.

  • It can happen so quick, that just one thought leads to an almost instantaneous stream of related thoughts.

  • Self talk also includes thoughts in the form of pictures that flash through our mind, virtually unnoticed.

  • The feelings and emotions produced by our inner talk then lead to bodily reactions, such as those associated with anxiety, when the talk is negative.

  • The subconscious mind, accepts all of our self talk as the truth, even if it is not, and then goes about creating the circumstances to match.

  • Positive thoughts attract other positive thoughts, and negative thoughts attract other negative thoughts.